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Mayor and Councillors

Mayor and councillors Mayor and councillors Mayor and councillors Mayor and councillors

Council’s vision is for the Sunshine Coast to become Australia’s most sustainable region—vibrant, green, diverse.

Find out about your divisional councillor including how to contact them
Keep abreast of what's happening at council meetings: meeting dates, agendas and minutes of all council committee meetings
Roles of councillors and mayor, code of conduct, pay scales and remuneration for elected representatives and councillors' expenses and facilities policy
Remuneration for the mayor, deputy mayor and councillors is determined by the Local Government Remuneration and Discipline Tribunal
There are ten portfolios. They reflect areas of strategic importance to council and the people of the Sunshine Coast
Highlights of significant achievements delivered by Sunshine Coast Council in its first four years: 2008-2012
The last Sunshine Coast Council election was conducted on 28 April 2012

Last Updated 10-Aug-15