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Animals and Pets

Animals and Pets Animals and Pets Animals and Pets Animals and Pets
Council has published a new guide to promote socially responsible behaviour for dog owners as part of a new community awareness and education campaign
List of areas by suburb that are designated off-leash areas for dogs on the Sunshine Coast
Help a pet find its way home! Council publishes a list of lost animals impounded at the Tanawha pound that is updated regularly
Council's pound is located at Tanawha. here is also a stock yard at Landsborough. If your pet has been impounded, all fees must be paid before the animal is released
Council provides assistance in relation to a number of animal issues including stray or feral cats, or straying livestock, abused animals, or dead animals on the roadside
Find assistance on what to do about dogs that make excessive noise by barking, and details on what to do if you find a roaming dog or see a wild dog
Regulations in your local area for keeping and registering dogs and cats and regulations about keeping other animals

Last Updated 27-Jun-13