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Animal and Pets

Animal Regulations Animal Regulations Animal Regulations Animal Regulations
Have your details or your pet's details changed, or do you no longer own your pet? Notify council online now
Cat registration provides safety and security for cats, owners and the community. All cats must be registered every year and wear a council-issued registration tag
Dog registration provides peace of mind for dog owners. All dogs must be registered every year
Find details of restrictions to the number of dogs you may keep, fencing requirements and where you can exercise your dog off-leash
Definitions of dangerous, restricted or menacing dogs, reporting an attack, and dangerous dog owner requirements
Find out the rules applying to keeping animals other than dogs and cats and keeping poultry and birds
Council adopted the Domestic Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Strategy 2014-2020 at its Ordinary Meeting on 16 October 2014
Use council's lost animal search to find your missing pet

Last Updated 03-Jul-15