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Website Accessibility

Council is committed to ensuring that all content on its websites is accessible to everyone. This includes people who:

  • use assistive technologies to view content
  • have slow internet connections
  • live in rural and regional areas
  • use hand-held devices and mobile phones.

Council is in the process of reviewing its websites to ensure it adheres to the AA standards defined in the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0Link exits to another website.

Help accessing website content

If you have trouble accessing any content on council's websites, please contact council's customer service centre. Customer service officers can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • reading relevant parts of the website for you
  • sending you content in a format that you are able to access on your computer
  • sending you a hard copy of content.

Document accessibility

Council is in the process of ensuring that wherever possible, non-accessible PDF documents are also available in Word or HTML format.

See Site Help for information that will help you if you are having difficulties with documents in PDF or Word format.

Changing font size

Did you know that most current browsers have the ability to increase and decrease font size simply by using CTRL and + key or CTRL and scroll on your mouse.

Accessible homepage

You can view an accessible version of the homepage of this website.

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Last Updated 10-Aug-15